Real Moments. Real Beauty. Real Life.

christine halsey

I'm Christine

Real moments.  Real beauty.  Real life.

That's how I try to live and view the world.  It means going to the bus stop every morning in my PJs.  It means letting the little ones help in the kitchen even though the mess they create will take an eternity to clean.  It means keeping the kids up past their bedtime on a warm spring night because that backyard family soccer game is just too much fun.  It means hiding in the closet with my chocolate because I just need a break for a few minutes.

I agree that the days are long but the years are short.  Yes, those days with little ones can be oh so long.  And very hard.  When you’re holding on by a thread and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But there is so much magic in these days.  And smiles.  And laughter.  Because suddenly it's gone in a blink.  And when it is, you want to remember that precious time.  The highs, the lows, and everything in between.  That's what shapes your family. That’s what defines your life.

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What can I say about Trader Joe’s?  This cute little grocery store has been part of our weekly routine for almost 10 years.  Sure, they have great food and unique snacks.  But their employees put it over the top.  They are friendly, helpful, and very tolerant of my...

Christmas Wonderland

Stepping into Diane’s Northern Virginia home was a like stepping into another world.  I had been warned that it would be amazing.  But I could not have prepared myself for what I was about to see.  45 Christmas trees.  Decorations from head to toe.  The attention to...

Backyard Family Jamboree

I have known this awesome family for years, so I was thrilled when I got to photograph them for the first time right in their backyard.  They have a gorgeous outdoor space surrounded by trees and plant life.  The weather on this early December afternoon was perfect...