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What school photography should be

Want a fresh look to school photos?

School portraits should be a treasured celebration of your child’s age and stage of life. They shouldn’t have to be awkward with forced smiles and bright flashes.  My goal is to capture each child’s personality on camera.  I aim to make school photo day fun and exciting so kids can relax and be themselves.  I photograph children outdoors, where they are naturally more relaxed and can show their authentic selves to the camera.

Q & A

how does this work?

My goal is to provide a custom experience to all families.  In advance of picture day, families will be provided with information about picture day including “what to wear” tips as well as pricing and packages.  On picture day, we will have fun in an outdoor setting where kids are more comfortable and are more inclined to reveal their natural expressions and beauty.  Within two weeks, families will receive their child’s custom password-protected gallery of 3-7 photos.  They can choose their favorite(s) for digital and print purchasing.


Photographs will occur outdoors in natural light where there will be plenty of space to accommodate social distancing.

How will this work with the current COVID-19 challenges?

I have a long telephoto lens that creates beautiful portraits with creamy backgrounds and also allows me to remain far away from my subjects.  I will easily be more than 6 feet away from children at all times.  I am fully vaccinated but I will wear a mask during the entire session.

Will i take class photos?

Class photos may be taken at the school’s discretion.  I provide the option of a composite class photo, which is a collage of the children’s and teachers’ individual photos for each class.

can siblings participate?

Yes, siblings are invited to participate.  I am happy to take photos of siblings, even those that are not currently enrolled at your school. 

how do my prices compare?

My rates are very competitive with other big school photography brands. I offer a variety of packages and a-la-carte products to fit everyone’s needs.  There is no cost to the school. I also donate 10% of the proceeds to the school, PTA, or a designated charity of the school’s choice.


All ordering will be done ONLINE and will occur AFTER the photo session.  Families pay nothing up-front.  They will have the opportunity to view their child’s portraits in a password-protected gallery where they can select from 3-7 images. I can hand-deliver all print orders to the school for distribution.  Alternatively, orders can be sent directly to the school or even to the families’ homes, but shipping charges will incur.  Digital images are available for download immediately after purchase.