At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.

– Shanti

A Little About Me...

 Based in Alexandria, VA, I am a visual storyteller and moment-driven photographer. From the day I got my first camera 30 years ago and burned through an entire roll of film in one quick walk around a pond, I was hooked on documenting the simple beauty that is all around us. Every individual has a meaningful story that needs to be told. With my camera I capture the genuine moments and real emotions that lie at the heart of your story.

Big or small, major milestones or daily routines...

They are all part of your real beautiful life.

Why do I Photograph?

I feel alive behind a camera.  I love how photography gives me a creative outlet and also challenges me technically.  It’s a manifestation of how I see the world.  I love stopping a meaningful moment with my shutter and knowing that you’ll have it forever.  It brings me great joy to know that I’m helping to document and preserve your legacy. 

I love knowing that the captured moments show the best and most honest side of us.

  That’s what we should remember.

A little more about me…

I just want to pet all the dogs. And cats.

I am an athlete.

I’m an extroverted introvert.

For you Gretchen Ruben fans, I’m an Obliger.

I mostly wear athleisure and pajamas.

I’m an #optoutside kind of girl.

I play tackle football for the DC Divas.

I am a mom of three who does not have it together.


Christine Halsey

I grew up in the Chicago area but have left pieces of my heart all over the country.

 I’ve lived in Alexandria, VA for over a decade.  I have three strong-willed children, a dog named Waffles, and two kitties.

I’m married to an incredible guy who donated a kidney, plays guitar, teaches problem solving, and lights himself on fire at parties.

I had careers in television production and college athletics administration prior to having kids and becoming a photographer.

I have a Tetris brain and I drive my husband crazy when I rearrange the dishwasher.

I love the outdoors.  Mountains or ocean?  Both please!

Super power: Parallel Parking a Minivan

I love adventure, but some days this only means getting all three kids in the van with minimal fighting.

I always have too many internet tabs open on my computer.

I wish I had a personal chef to cook clean healthy meals all day and then chocolate.

Although I have never seen it, my kids believe I have a sign on my body that says “trash can”.

I still cry sometimes when I recall the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series.

I love working out.

I stay up way too late reading books.

You don’t have to hire me but let’s go dancing!