I love when large families get together.  In this case, grandma and grandpa were visiting from out of state.  The thoughtful mamma wanted to capture the entire family together.  From my personal experience having family members spread out all over the country, I know how important it is when everyone can be together, especially when that family spans three generations.  It takes a lot of effort to coordinate large family gatherings and certainly photo sessions!  Plus we had to work around the rainy weather.  But we made it happen!  

After capturing the essential large group shots, the kids were ready to let loose and play.  Actually, they were ready before we even started!  I love seeing cousins together in action.  The silliness level went way up!!!  The sun even came out at the end of the session and gave the images a beautiful touch of light.  

Being together is always a gentle reminder that time is precious and we should cherish everyday that we have in front of us.  Photos are such a critical way to remember our loved ones.  Simply viewing these images tugs at our heartstrings.  When I look at the images of Grandma and Grandpa, I can only imagine the lifetime of love and memories they have shared.  There is no better way to honor our loved ones than through photographs.  I was privileged to capture this beautiful family celebrating their time with each other.