November 2019 – This is my second year in a row photographing this awesome family.  This time when they called me to schedule a session they wanted to make sure their beloved dog Roux would be well-photographed.  Roux is an older pup with some health issues, and capturing him as a critical family member was a high priority.  Roux quite possibly has the silkiest fur coat I ever touched on a mature dog.  He is one handsome fellow, and is a lucky dog to have such wonderful humans showering him with affection. 

Despite the concern over the health of their dog, this family was ready to have a fun photo session from the moment I arrived.  The two girls remind me so much of my two girls.  The older one is more studious and independent.  The younger one is a silly goofball who wants to goof around and is more than happy to perform for the camera!  Of course Mom and Dad are just the best.  They live right across the street from a church with beautiful gardens.  So for each of our two sessions we have literally hopped over and made ourselves at home on the benches and lawns.  I immediately had to be ready with my camera gear because these girls move fast!  There was running and climbing and cartwheels and tackling.  And of course plenty of snuggles.  Despite the chilly afternoon, these guys brought the warmth!