Adventures at Trader Joe’s

Apr 7, 2019 | Alexandria Photographer, Documentary, Personal

What can I say about Trader Joe’s?  This cute little grocery store has been part of our weekly routine for almost 10 years.  Sure, they have great food and unique snacks.  But their employees put it over the top.  They are friendly, helpful, and very tolerant of my son, who has made the Old Town Alexandria location his second home.  He feels so comfortable there that his behavior inside isn’t exactly ideal.  He has thrown cereal boxes, smashed eggs, spilled the free samples of juice, taken a bite out of a wrapped chunk of cheese, and spent way too much time rolling around on the floor.  But he is also a big helper and loves to fill the cart with items on our list (and items he wants).  Of course, he is always on the hunt to find the prized Billy the Bulldog, who is hiding amongst the groceries.  If he finds Billy he gets a lollipop!  That helps keep his focus during our shopping trip, and helps me keep my sanity and minimize my embarrassment. 

This place is a huge part of my son’s childhood, and after taking dozens of phone pics of my son and his shenanigans on several occasions, I finally brought my big girl camera to truly document our experience.  Kudos to the kind staff and the terrific manager for making this place what it is.  They give my kids stickers, lollipops, and on a few occasions they have given me flowers.  Now that’s a place worth treasuring!