I know this family pretty well and have photographed them before, so when it was time for our session in Old Town Alexandria, I was so excited. This family can bring it!  Their four kids are all so active, and as soon as they all spilled out of the car, they immediately ran to the open field and started kicking the soccer ball around to each other. I mean, shouldn’t all photo sessions start out with a casual soccer game? I certainly think so. I loved our location because we had open fields, trails along the Potomac River, old railroad tracks, random driftwood, and large rocks for climbing on near the water. The opportunities for play (and therefore good photos) were endless. This was an early afternoon session after having to reschedule, which is not exactly the ideal Golden Hour. But the overcast skies gave us a soft even light, which is the most I could ask for at this time of day!

While this family makes such a great team together, I loved capturing them in pairs. It was so sweet to see the dynamic between each pair. The oldest – a freshman in high school – takes such great care of the youngest, who is a kindergartener. In fact, all of the older siblings take such great care of the five-year-old. But it’s fun for me to observe the similarities and differences between each pair. I notice the same thing with all the siblings I photograph as well as my own kids. It’s amazing to me how each child is so unique and amazing. We all had a wonderful time and captured some great memories!